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DeltaXChange is the meeting of trading and technology. I am passionate about financial markets and experienced in the trading and technology arenas. FinTech start-ups, disruptive technologies and regulatory innovation count among relevant themes of the day. Whatever your X, I can help you with the change!

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Unsere Value Proposition

I work closely with your internal resources, and take the responsibility for delivery of change. I can work in multiple directions, communicating with developers in their language and traders, risk managers, quants and mid-office operations as comfortably as with board members and project sponsors.


I have a network of professionals I have worked with over the years, and particularly good relationships with other freelancers, business and technical experts. I am happy to discuss a combination of our skills delivered under the deltaXchange umbrella.


Should you need resources, whether Business Analysts, Developers,  Projekt Managers or SMEs, let me know, and I will gladly advise. My network is wide, and recruiters don’t always know who is the hammer to hit the nail!

Zeitgemäß und kosteneffizient

I can work to optimise your operating model in special circumstances and have often worked with the progression from Big-4 Consultancy documentation to system-specific conception and delivery of requirements.

On Time, On Budget

I work with your experts, define their X clearly, and deliver!Wir arbeiten mit Ihren Experten zusammen, damit das X von Ihnen klar definiert wird und damit strukturiert und Zeitgemäß umgesetzt.


Ana Credit, BCBS239, MiFID & MiFID II, Basel II, III und IV oder EMIR Transaction Reporting, SFTR und IFRS9 are all relevant topics for me.


In capital markets projects I have supported clients with the choice of system, implementation, configuration, development and customisation. I have several years’ experience working with Front Arena and further systems across all stages of the trading process.


Brexit is a topic which could still deliver surprises. Let’s see how consulting will benefit the customer when it is clear what will happen. For the moment, I am watching that space.

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    Wir sprechen gerne mit Ihnen persönlich und stellen uns gerne vor. Jede Institution geht etwas anders vor und wir verstehen wie wichtig Flexibilität und Kooperation innerhalb der Organisation ist. Schreiben Sie bitte eine kurze Nachricht an und wir nehmen sofort Kontakt mit Ihnen auf. Wir wurden uns sehr freuen über eine gute Zusammenarbeit.


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