Capital Markets and Treasury

Capital Markets

Equity Product Exchange Trading – Marketmaking RFQ Trading, Systematic Internalisation, OTF/MTF, Smart Order Routing

Index – Programme Trading, Futures & Options Arbitrage

Funds & ETFs – Valuation, Construction, Origination & Distribution

Bonds –  Issuance,  Risk and Performance Management

Options – ValuationQuote & Contribution, Eurex Marketmaking, Desk-Riskmananagement

Zertifikate –  TIQS, CATS, Web Contribution, Valuation, Exotic Events Management

Commodities – Options, Futures, Swaps, Certifikates, Limit Management

Structured Products – Asian, Barrier, Basket, Equity Linked, Proprietary Model Integration



Bonds and Debt Instruments – Pricing, Simulation, Quoting & Exchange Trading, Risk and Profit/Loss Functionality

Repo & Lending Eurex further markets, CCP, Margin & Collateral Management

FX – Outrights, Forwards, FX Swaps, Optionen,  Swaps. MM- und Ccy Splits, Cash und Risk Management

Money Markets – Call Money, Interest-at-Maturity, Termination Process, Fixed vs. Float Swap, Fixing Procedures, Mark-to-Market P&L

Interest Rate Derivatives- Vanilla, FwdStart, Cap/Floor, Basis, CMS, CCS, Quantos, OIS, Volatility, Valuation Models

Credit Derivatives – CDS, Single Name & Index, Countries of Risk, CLN, ABS/MBS, Free-defined Cashflows, Market Data Solutions

Based on experience in these areas of trading, working closely with clients to fine-tune their trading processes. It is a constant learning process, but clients respect a neutral, unbiased view of their current operations and an insight into new techniques and methods. I work with valuation and simulation of financial products (pre-trade), order management and quoting/distribution/contribution, and provide an innovative bridge between trading and IT. This gives the customer unique access to a trading expert who understands how the technology works.

System selection is a speciality. Based on deep insights in the deployment of trading software, I am able to analyse the pros and cons of individual solutions and suggest the optimal combination. Integration and migration of the resulting platform follows on. Systems like Front Arena, Murex, Kondor+, Summit, Calypso, combined with ‘Best of Breed’ applications and in-house built solutions are combined to ultimate effect.



Static and Trade Data – STP Process, Continuous Settlement, Payments, Clearing and Confirmations

Business Data Processing – Corporate Actions, Derivates expiry routines (automatic exercis, assignment, abandon), Fixing, OTC Price provision

Risk Control – Prozess automation, Intraday, EoD, VaR, Treasury Asset/Liability Managment, Market Risk, Counterparty & Credit Risk, Liquidity and further risks

Regulatory Risk & Reporting – Basel I, II, III, IV, IFRS9, BCBS Aggregation

True STP in all Asset Classes is the Nirvana. I have worked in multiple environments to come closer to the goal. I understand the functional workings of a standard system and have the technical ability to extend and configure the system to add new requirements specific to a trading business. Where technical limits are reached, I work closely and precisely with developers to achieve the best results. Accurate and detailed specification of a solution proposal, followed up with rigorous testing, training, interaction with and rollout to traders delivers success.





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